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Color Flooring

KV Corporation is having a decorative resin system which incorporates multi-coloured p.v.c. flakes, coloured base resin and clear resin glaze coats to produce a decorative resin floor finish.

KV’s product is used in areas where a durable, decorative surface is required such as; showrooms, corridors, veterinary practices, toilets, canteens, or any flooring area when a decorative, durable, safe floor is required.

The unique characteristics of KV’s Products enable the designer to create a floor of infinite colour combinations. Any pantone colour can be used as a base. The size and colour blend can be chosen to create unlimited options.

KV is capable of withstanding forklift trucking, unlike monotone surfaces. Although the system will scratch, because of the ‘busy’ finished appearance, scratches are less noticeable.

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