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Road Construction

Road construction is perhaps one of man’s earliest forms of construction. Roads are defined as routes or paths that begin at one destination and lead to another.

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Industrial Flooring

Our industrial floor coating systems are all joint-free, delivering a seamless finish with no cracks or crevices to harbour dust, dirt and bacteria.

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Color Flooring

KV Corporation is having a decorative resin system which incorporates multi-coloured p.v.c. flakes, coloured base resin and clear resin glaze coats to produce a decorative resin floor finish.

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Epoxy Flooring

We create very unique Epoxy Flooring where only quality is taken into consideration and we manufacture all the material in very good quality standards to give you a pleasant look of your flooring.

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RCC Trimix Road

KV’s RCC Trimix Road work is a decorative resin based floor screed which presents the end user with the option to design a floor which is unique and offers the highest level of durability.

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